Choice Massage centers on the corporate world, using both the massage chair and the massage table at their designated facility. The non-corporate side of my practice utilizes more usage of the table, using referrals and references of people known to me.
Relieving stress is a common goal in a workplace wellness program. I consider it no longer a perk but a necessity. An employee that is relaxed and focused during the work day is a more productive employee. An appreciative employee is one who thinks their employer cares about their health and well being, and will likely contribute more to the company’s success.

imageHow difficult is it to implement a massage program in the workplace? Not difficult at all. Choice Massage is available for health fairs, incentive/reward programs, trade shows, conventions, and more. Here are a few highlights of our workplace events.

        •     Minimum space is required.
        •     Minimum time is required; most chair massages last from
        •     10-30 minutes
        •     Clothes are left on.
        •     Massage chair or table can be utilized.
        •     Multiple therapists are available if needed.
        •     Scheduling and payment methods vary with each company.

It’s that simple! Contact me so we can discuss what works best for YOU. Choice Kinchen – (801) 661-5074 or


Call for business rates. Rates depend on number of therapists, number of hours, and frequency of visits.

Choice Kinchen – (801) 661-5074 or


                •     60 minutes:  $80
                •     90 minutes:  $100
                •     2 hours:  $160
                • Outcalls (within 20 miles):  $30 outcall fee


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