In 2001 I graduated from the Utah College of Massage Therapy. I was able to establish a successful practice (Your First Choice Massage) in the Salt Lake City area, specializing in corporate chair massage. The table massage branch of the business grew as more of my chair massage clients understood the importance of regular massage. Massage relieved their stress in the workplace, but it also relieved their stress in life. In my own life, I certainly know about stress and pain. In 1983, I was diagnosed with scleroderma, an autoimmune disease, part of the rheumatic disease family. A few years later, an additional diagnosis of lupus nephritis was added. Heart attacks and chemotherapy treatments have been a part of the challenges I have faced in dealing with these debilitating illnesses. Trying to stay as active as possible, I took up cycling and enjoyed it, that is, until I was hit by cars……twice! The last one resulted in a rebuilt left arm. Due to my own stubbornness, I  persevered through all of these trials and have managed coping skills that now help me in my massage practice. My experiences, coupled with my various techniques, allow me to connect with my clients in a unique way. I understand what the cumulative effort of stress, pain and fatigue can do in the everyday world around us.

Fast forward to today. I have moved back to my home town of Friendswood, in the good ‘ol Lone Star State of Texas. I’ve revamped my business and offer massage therapy in Friendswood, Pearland, and the greater Houston, Galveston Bay, areas. The NEW name of my business is now “Choice Massage.” The driving force of Choice Massage is to relieve stress and pain in every client I serve.

I live with my new wife, Trudy, and we enjoy gardening, cooking, creating a multitude of hot pepper concoctions, and shopping thrift stores.


I don’t fix people. I don’t heal people. I am a facilitator in helping people help themselves. The specialized techniques I use are designed to utilize touch.

In today’s culture, technological advances allow us to do almost anything from the comfort of our keyboard. We can work from anywhere. We keep in touch with family and friends through Facebook and blogs. We share our day with text and Twitter. We post photos through Instagram and Tumblr. We “meet” up with colleagues on LinkedIn and Google+. We receive updates on world issues. We increase workplace loads. We have financial worries. We buy clothes, take classes, sign contracts and order pizza with technology. Some say this is a good thing. Some say this is not optimum for good health, unless we also take care of ourselves.


While technology and gadgets have made our life more convenient, these advances have also brought us problems. Staying connected 24/7 has created a “disconnectedness” of human beings who no longer experience touch or face to face interaction. The result? Our bodies and our minds are hurting and are suffering. Stress related problems have become the norm, both at work and at home. We need better stress management solutions.


Touch is a mind and body reconnection. The vehicle for touch is massage. Through a combination of skills learned over the years, I can help with chronic pain, tensions, and stress caused by living in the modern world. Recognize that massage is no longer a perk but a necessity in your wellness program. Make the commitment to take time out for YOURSELF, to take care of your body and mind, so that it can sustain you in the coming years. Trust me on this, YOU ARE WORTH IT!



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