Stress at work?      Stress at home?

Whether it’s felt in your shoulders, your neck, or your back, there is a good chance your body is battling the effects of stress. That’s understandable in this fast-paced, high tension, demanding world we live in. At Choice Massage, we know we cannot change the world, but we sure can make a difference in YOUR world.


If you’re a business owner that is looking for a way to boost the morale of your employees, let Choice Massage make you a hero. A massage chair and 10-30 minutes of therapeutic seated massage will give your people a respite from workday stressors. It also helps keep them fresh for that very important job they do for you.

Of course, anyone can make an appointment and come experience all of the benefits of a 60 minute, 90 minute, or 2-hour massage on a heated, comfy table. Prepare to float away from the demands made on your time, efforts, and energies of the day. Let 13 years of experience help relieve you of the pains and tensions of life.

Your schedule is my schedule. Your office is my office, be it at the workplace, or at home, or at my location in Friendswood. I welcome the opportunity to be your CHOICE of massage therapists. We promise to give you “the best massage, hands down!”